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Hanging Basket Competion 2015



Any Member of the Nelson Club may enter the competition, but only one entry per Member.   Baskets should be 14" in diameter with a flat or spherical base.  Whilst plants may be purchased for use in the basket, the design and planting must be the work of the competitor.


There are no entry fees but competitors should hand in their forms by Sunday 19th April, in order that we can assess how many brackets are required to hang the baskets at the front of the Club.  An entry number will be given at the time.


Completed baskets, with entry number, should be handed in on Sunday 7th June, between 12.00noon and 2.00pm.  Jackie Stefani will be in the Club to take the baskets.


The baskets will be judged on Thursday 16th July, judging criteria will include colour scheme, size and growth of plants and overall appearance. 


The baskets must remain on display until Sunday 27th September when the Exhibitors may reclaim them.


During the time the baskets are at the Club they will be fed and watered, so Exhibitors will not have to attend to them.



  • First prize        - £60

  • Second  prize  - £40

  • Third prize       - £20



Any further information may be obtained from Jackie Stefani on 01926 496657


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